Maintenance Agreement


High-Quality Annual IT support contract by Datatier Innovative IT Solutions

Helps Reduce IT costs on 50%, secure IT infrastructure and minimize business downtime caused by IT issues.

AMC/SLA for IT devices

IT Support, Services and Solutions company that make sense for your business in Dubai, UAE.

DATATIER provides customized IT solutions, IT maintenance, Network cabling, CCTV Installation, Data backup solutions from small to large businesses. The solution includes IT consultancy, Network Security, Data Security, Data Management, Cloud Services and many more.

It is positioned to deliver rapid, reliable and robust information technology solution that work.

DATATIER has shown consistent record of dynamic growth since its inception and enjoys trust and value of its clients.

Datatier is a technology intensive corporation geared to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in areas of integrated business solutions, IT maintenance and network management services.

With IT products and services from DATATIER, you get:

  • Managed Services – 24/7 services and computer support with a predetermined monthly payment, quarterly or annually.
  • Business Continuity Planning – disaster planning, backup, prevention, and protection.
  • IT Consulting – you can count on our guidance and up-to-the-minute expertise.
  • Cloud Services – hosted IT solutions with expert integration and support.
  • Security – expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete security solutions.
  • Backup Solutions – We have a variety of packages and options for data security, as data is the backbone of any organization.
  • Expertise- Havinga team of experienced engineers with 10 years’ experience.
  • Reporting- you will have monthly reports on the status of your devices and recommendations to avoid any future problem.

On-site engineer visits

  • IT emergency visit
  • Monthly/weekly regular maintenance visits to check health of PC, servers & network infrastructure
  • IT systems support
  • Desktops support
  • Health management
  • Emails management
  • Peripheral devices support
  • Router & switches management
  • VPN & firewall administration
  • Mobile devices management
  • Cloud solutions
  • Phone system (IPBX)
  • CCTV & biometric
  • Server backup & restore and others.
  • Remote support of computers
  • Remote support of server infrastructure
  • Remote support of PBX, CCTV
  • Remote 24×7
  • Remote consulting and trainings


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