Data Security



IT professionals are overwhelmed by coordinated attacks, expanding regulations, and mounting pressure to embrace new styles of computing. Datatier extends your team’s capabilities by contributing their advanced expertise and considerable experience to improve your overall security posture. After the successful completion of a project managed by Datatier , the increased security effectiveness of an IT infrastructure reduces risks and lays the foundation for emerging IT solutions and market trends.
Getting ahead is where Datatier can always help. With our solutions architects at your side, you can implement a strategic, layered approach to security that protects assets in today’s sophisticated and dynamic threat landscape. Datatier provides the right services and security solutions – advisory and assessment, IT architecture planning, logistics, implementation, and testing.

Data Loss Prevention

While most security measures are designed to protect an organization’s systems, data loss prevention focuses on protecting the data itself. Datatier security experts point out that today’s DLP solutions provide greater control over confidential data to protect against inadvertent loss. DLP technologies also increase security effectiveness by enabling IT organizations to be proactive about data protection, understand data use in the company, and ensure effective information protection policies.

Network Infrastructure Security

Mobility, unified communications, and the cloud are empowering end-users but they also make it harder to manage and secure a network infrastructure. To simplify matters, Datatier security solutions architects blend stateful inspection and next-generation firewall capabilities with integrated network security solutions for security without compromise. Datatier solutions architects can also provide insight into how IT organizations can ensure security is maintained as they extend data, voice, video communications and applications to a broader set of users.

Cloud Security

Enterprise is adapting to embrace new cloud technologies and capture new opportunities. With those benefits come concerns about data protection and security compliance. Datatier solutions architects can provide practical and technical information to help you integrate security planning into your cloud computing initiatives from data center to end point devices. Implementing firewalls, strong passwords, advanced encryption, built-in device security offered by manufacturers as well as other cloud-specific security are essential elements of any security strategy.

Physical Security

Connected safety and security solutions protect people, assets, processes, and data. Datatier solutions architects collaborate with partners such as Cisco we’re certified by Cisco to provide their Physical Security Solutions. Datatier experts design and implement cost-effective physical security solutions that interoperate with existing systems. Using the network as an open, scalable platform for integrating security provides organizations with several benefits operational flexibility, greater protection capabilities, lower cost of ownership, and reduced risk.

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