Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage

With rising demands due to an explosion of data, increased adoption of flash and hybrid arrays, and more private, public and hybrid cloud storage options then ever before, enterprise storage is seeing plenty of innovation. 

Cloud storage services, and especially hybrid cloud options, are growing in popularity as more businesses are taking advantage of the on-demand capacity the cloud can provide. Enterprise cloud storage providers promise to reduce infrastructure and management costs while improving data accessibility. Intelligent hybrid flash/disk storage solutions take advantage of high performance flash for hot data, while utilizing cheaper hard drives for cold data. And as flash storage pricing continues to drop, all-flash storage arrays are becoming viable options for many. 

Datatier can design, implement and support storage solutions based on :

Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions
Server SAN Solutions
On-Prem Backup & Disaster Recovery Storage Solutions
Hybrid Storage Solutions
All-Flash Storage Solutions
Scale-Out NAS Solutions
Hybrid Cloud Backup Solutions
Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Enterprise HDDs
Enterprise SSDs

Tape Libraries

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